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Equinox Custom Modules

Learn all about the exciting new RocketTheme exclusive modules that are included in the Equinox template release. Here you can find instructions for installation and configuration for each of the custom modules.

Video Tutorial Currently Available!
Launch the Joomla Template Module Installation Video Tutorial now! (Requires Flash)

Step One: Installing the Module

  • Download the equinox_extensions_j15.zip archive from the Equinox download section of the RocketTheme Joomla! Club. Unzip the archive, inside you will find individual zip files for each of the modules.
  • Login in to your administrator console on your Joomla! website and navigate to the Extensions menu item, and select Install/Uninstall from the dropdown menu.
  • In the Upload Package File section, click the Choose File button and select one of the mod_modulename.zip that was inside of the zip file you downloaded earlier. Next click the Upload File & Install button to install the module.

Step Two: Publishing the Module

  • Now the module is installed it must be published in the appropriate module position and configured to suit our needs. From the top menu, select Extensions then Module Manager.
  • This will take you to the Site Module Manager which allows you to configure the placement and configuration of all modules in your Joomla! website.
  • Locate the module from the list. Remember there could be a few pages. Once you have found it, you can publish in 2 ways: The first is selecting the cross next to the tile or clicking the title then set Enabled to Yes followed by a Save.
  • Navigating to the Modules

    In the Joomla Administrator, go to Extensions and then Module Manager. This will bring up a list of all of the installed modules. Find the module name in the list and click on the title to go to the Module configuration.

  • Configuring RokSlide

    In the Module configuration, set the following options to mimic the demo:-
    Show Title: No – The module header will not be visible.

    Position: User3 – RokSlide will be located in Equinox’s User 3 module position.
    Access Level: Public – Guests and above will see the module
    Published: Yes – The RokSlide module will be active on your website
    Menu Item Link(s): Features – This menu item will be the only page to have RokSlide.
    Category: Newsflashes/RokSlide – set which Content Category is loaded into RokSlide.
    Width: 650 – Dictates the width of the module in pixels.
    Height: 150 – Dictates the height of the module in pixels.
    Show Images: Yes – Decides whether images show in the module.
    Read More: No – Controls whether read more links to the content item appear.
    Max No. of Items: 5 – Choose how many tabs are shown.
    Include Mootools JS Library: No – Will load the necessary javascript if not present in the template.

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